Little Sprouts has a strong commitment to sustainability and creating children who have a life long connection and respect for nature. By embedding our vision in sustainability in our every day practices we are creating future generations who care for the environment. Little Sprouts is proud to announce that in April 2017, we achieved all 7 Sustainability Badges for our sustainability report from North Sydney Council. these badges include; Waste Saver, Energy Saver, Staff Support, Community Support, Sustainable Purchasing and Sustainable Transport. Please view our profile and video from the Sustainable Business Register.   



At Little Sprouts, we believe that to operate our business successfully and responsibly we must:

  • Minimise and provide a positive impact on the environment
  • Support our local community and industry in their growth and harmony
  • Ensure that our suppliers, staff and customers are treated fairly and equitably
  • Maintain healthy financial results 

We recognise that these objectives are not exclusive from each other and can work together to create economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Little Spouts continually sets new goals every six months to ensure we are constantly improving our environmental footprint. 

Sustainable TrANSport

Public Transport Options

Our Hurstville Centre is an easy 7 minute walk from Hurstville train station. Our Hurstville and Cremorne centres both have bus stops within 2 minutes from Little Sprouts Building. For more information about planning your bus journey please visit Transport NSW.


Walking and Cycling

Walking or cycling to/ from our centre does not only support our Going Green Campaign, it is also a great way to educate children in healthy lifestyle habits, in line with the EYLF and Munch and Move Government incentives. We also run Road Safety programs throughout the year, which can be practiced as a family during your commute to the centre. We have Bike Lock hoops located at both centres for safe storage