At Little Sprouts we embrace the child, and the period of childhood as a unique and important stage of life where children acquire a passion for lifelong learning.  It is our vision for children to embrace curiosity, exploration, and problem solving, as a doorway to learning. Creativity is at the heart of Little Sprouts comprehensive school readiness program, with a unique focus on Music, Art and Language. We understand children’s learning occurs when we embrace their individual strengths and interests. It is our goal to balance this focus with intentional teaching to scaffold children’s learning in relation to the Early Years Learning Framework.

At Little Sprouts we provide an inclusive, safe and stimulating home like environment where children can experience personalised high quality care; building close relationship with their educators and peers. Our environment is continually evolving and adapting to remain an enticing space for learning and exploration. It is our aim to provide an environment that holistically reflects the world in which we live, and provides children with a deep connection and respect for nature. By embedding Sustainability in our every day practices we are creating future generations who care for the environment.

At Little Sprouts we believe that the child is a reflection of their family, cultural heritage and the wider community. We are committed to ensuring a sense of belonging and trust is achieved with all our families as key contributors. We are an integral part of our community and its future. At Little Sprouts we would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional land owners on which Little Sprouts now stands; The Cammeraygal people of the Guringai. We see it as our duty as educators to teach and make children active participants in Australia’s rich Indigenous culture, in respect of the Cammeraygal People who traditionally cared for this land.

Little Sprouts believes quality educators are paramount when establishing quality education. We recognise and treasure each Educator’s unique set of skills and strengths. We are committed to ensuring all educators can reach their full potential and are respected as professionals. Our educators share a harmonious and respectful work environment which promotes fairness and wellbeing in all staff interactions; reflecting a multicultural world.

Little Sprouts is committed to continuous improvement, with its foundations in evidence based teaching, to celebrate the promise of every child’s future.