Extra Curriculum

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Little Sprouts Piano program

As a service, Little Sprouts is passionate about introducing music into the Early Education curriculum. A unique goal of Little Sprouts which is embedded in our philosophy is to expose children to the foundations of music, and provide a lifelong appreciation for the creative arts. The Music program provides exciting and stimulating music lessons for all children in the junior and senior preschool.

Our Senior Preschoolers will receive 15 minutes private lesson from professional trained, qualified music educator, where the child will experience the six concepts of music; duration, pitch, tone, colour, texture, structure and dynamics & expressive technique. Preschoolers will experience playing both tuned (digital piano) and non tuned instruments. (tambourines, castanets, maracas, hand bell, egg shakers)

All the preschool children are invited to perform in the Annual Christmas concert.

The music program aims to:

● Develop piano playing technique

● Encourage children to begin to find and use their singing voices

● Develop sense of rhythm and beat

● Experience music contrasts sound/silence, high/low, loud/quiet, fast/slow, long/short

● Develop a sense of self and confidence through performing in front of others

● Develop creativity through composition activities